Christa Mayfield of Unbound Houston shared an eye-opening presentation at our weekly meeting, Tuesday, August 8th. We found the annual sex trafficking market is worth 150 billion globally, and only 1-2% of those trafficked actually make it out, thus the importance of educating the public and bringing about awareness.
Unbound works to educate and empower youth, spread awareness through citywide outreaches and provide human-trafficking presentations to groups and organizations within local communities. They provide professional training to lawyers, medical professionals, law enforcement, educators, social service providers, hospitality professionals and more to equip all professionals to use their skills to identify and serve victims of human trafficking. UnBound advocates for survivors by providing for immediate needs, offering support to caregivers, volunteering services and connecting with aftercare programs to help each survivor through his or her unique restoration process. The numbers and statistics of this growing crime are staggering. According to Christa, smaller communities like Fort Bend County are at risk just like the bigger cities. No one is immune to this threat and the word needs to spread. Thank you Christa and Unbound for your prevention and recovery efforts! Find out how you can help at: