John Boestler is Executive Director of NextOp, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in Houston, Texas.  NextOp serves our nation’s hardworking veterans by providing career placement assistance, mentorship, and support in their transition into industry with a particular focus on energy and Houston. 
In celebration of Veteran’s Day, Sargeant Boestler brings us an inspiring message of men and women who do serve and have served.  He will focus on the impact that veterans have made on our country in terms of political and corporate leadership, formation of the middle class, and how the next greatest generation will continue their legacy of national service on a global scale.
Also joining us will be B.F. Terry High School’s JROTC under the direction and leadership of Lt Col (ret) Winfield Scott.
Leading Rotary Richmond for our National Anthem will be students from Calvary Episcopal Preparatory Lower School.   
Be a part of honoring our Veterans! See you Tuesday.